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Evaluating Websites

When using websites you will need to determine whether or not a particular resource fits the requirements of your assignment.

To evaluate a website, use the following criteria:


1. What type of organization published this site? (.edu, .gov, .org, .com).
2. Who is the author, publisher or source? Is there contact information?
3. Is the author qualified to write on this topic?


    1. Where does the information come from? Has it been reviewed (Peer reviewed)?
    2. Is the information supported by evidence? Can you verify it in another source?
    3. Are there spelling, grammar or typing errors?


      1. When was the page created and/or updated?
      2. Do the links on the page work?
      3. Does your topic require current information?


        1. Does the information relate to your topic?
        2. Who is the intended audience? Is the level too elementary or advanced for your needs?
        3. Do the links lead to other reputable sites?


          1. Always ask, why was this written and for whom.
          2. Is the purpose of this site to teach, inform, entertain, sell or persuade?
          3. Look for links that say "Who we are? or "About us".
          4. Is the information factual, opinion or propaganda, objective or impartial?
          5. Are there political, religious, cultural, ideological or personal biases?
          6. Is advertising clearly differentiated from the informational content?

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