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About the SJC Libraries

What are the library hours?

Visit the Library Hours Page for additional hours and monthly views.




Printing Questions

How does the Follow Me Print Service work?

The printing process can vary, depending on your location and the device that you are using. 

Visit the IT Print Management portal page for a general overview of the process and policies.

For specific print instructions, follow the link below that pertains to your situation.

  • Note: Documents usually default to print double-sided, and you must uncheck this option if you want single-sided printing.
  • Note: Documents default to grayscale, and you will need to modify settings to output color printouts.

Using Follow Me Print from an On Campus Computer
Using Follow Me Print from a Personal Device
Emailing Files to the Follow Me Print Queue
Using the Print Release Stations

How do I print a tri-fold brochure?

The following documents can be used for general guidance in printing a tri-fold brochure, however, due to many possible variables including document layout & construction and software version variations, we cannot guarantee that the process will work exactly as presented.

***REMINDER!!! Make sure you uncheck grayscale from the printer properties if you want a color printout.***

Please contact a librarian if you need assistance with the accessibility of the following guides.

How do I add money to my print funds?

If you've exhausted your free print credit allotment for the semester but still need some more printouts, you will need to add money to your SJC OneCard account. The OneCard account can be used for both printing and food purchases.

For more details about the OneCard, visit the OneCard portal page.

Can I get a refund if I accidentally print extra copies out, or if the print settings were wrong so I had to reprint?

Under normal circumstances there are no refunds. Please refer to the IT Print Management portal page.

Formatting & Saving Documents

What is a running head*, and how do I create one in Word?

1. There is an excellent article titled Running Head Format for APA Style Papers on the APA Blog that is all about running heads and how to work with them in Word.
2. You can read more about formatting an APA Style Header in MS Word on the Microsoft Community pages.
3. You can view a tutorial on Running Heads on the Academic Writer e-resource.

* NOTE: Unless your instructor specifically requests it, the running head is no longer required per the APA 7th Edition Manual. Please refer to the Page Header webpage of the APA Style Blog for more details.

Where should I save my files?

Student files are not permanently retained on any machine or network. Use one or more of these file saving/storing options:
1. Save your file to a USB Drive
2. Save temporarily to the local desktop, then attach to an email to yourself. Just remember to delete it from the desktop after emailing
3. Work using Google Docs

Other SJC Services

What are the Academic Center's hours, and where is it located?

Long Island Campus:

The Office for Tutoring and Academic Development is located in O'Connor Hall, in room N304. Hours are listed on the portal page.

Brooklyn Campus:

The Academic Center is located in the McEntegart Library, on the third floor. Hours are listed on the portal page.

Is there another way to get to Canvas besides the Portal?

Yes, you can go directly by navigating to:

Google Scholar Remote Access

Can Google Scholar include SJC Library database links in search results?

Yes, you can setup Google Scholar so that search results will link to the full text of SJC Libraries’ subscriptions, both on and off campus. Just follow the instructions in the document below.

SJC Library Tutorials

Do you offer any online tutorials that I can view at a convenient time?

Yes! Please visit our YouTube SJC Online Tutorials Playlist for the full suite of tutorials.

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